Do You Wish You Didn't Quit Music Lessons? Book launch with Nathan Holder

Your child starts playing an instrument. Then they grow frustrated, impatient and bored. Then they quit and years later wish they didn't. Why does this happen to so many people? Bad teaching? Boring music? Is playing the clarinet not cool enough? How can you stop this from happening? What can you do to help?

Nathan Holder will perform on the saxophone and also discuss his new book I Wish I Didn't Quit: Music Lessons. This book gives you the tools and ideas to help your child succeed along their musical journey.

He has gathered tips from world class musicians to help you to understand how you can give your children an amazing set of lifelong skills, confidence and experiences.

There will also be short performances from musicians of all ages at this event and a giveaway of the book selected from the list of attendees pre-registered for this free event.

All ages welcome. Free entry. 

29 September @ 2pm
St. Barnabas Parish Hall, Dulwich Village

Register online for a free ticket:

Nathan Holder Saxophonist and Author of I Wish I Didn't Quit Music Lessons

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