Dangerous dog - Herne Hill station tunnel

At around 11am on Tuesday 31st March, our Cockapoo puppy, Apollo, was fatally injured in a vicious attack by another dog.  This happened in full view of a five year old child, directly opposite the cafe in the tunnel and with several people in the vicinity.

Although we were able to get Apollo to the vets a few seconds after the attack, he was so badly injured that he was euthanised a short time later.

We firmly believe that this dog is dangerous and it is our duty to ensure that this dog is subject to some kind of restriction.  In order to do that, we need the police to find the dog owner.

We have requested CCTV and will post pictures as soon as we receive them.

We believe the dog was a staffordshire bull terrier or similar with Black, Brown and White markings.  The owner was middle aged, stocky build and from recollection bald.  

Both dogs were on a lead and the attack was unprovoked.

At only 4 months old Apollo was already becoming a local character in Herne Hill. Walks for him were not only exercise, but an opportunity to stop and greet everyone he saw - humans and dogs alike. His favourite place, even above his beloved Brockwell Park was Herne Hill Station, where he would wag his tail and make eyes with commuters until they stopped to say hello. He was an incredibly friendly, sweet puppy who generated nothing but positive reactions in people everywhere he went. 

If you know anything about this or were in the area at the time and can remember anything at all that might help, please do get in touch with us.

You can reach us on 07793 412800.


Kat and Mark

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