Crystal Palace Development

The Information Project Presents

A Series of Debates: What is Culture in the 21st Century?


With proposals to redevelop Crystal Palace park, a group of local residents have started The Information Project to publicise the possibilities for the park and to help create a critical, intellectual debate about the identity of community, place, culture and design for the twenty-first century.


The group is organising a programme of debates featuring high profile architects, developers, planners, politicians and London based broadcasters, thinkers and writers. There are also plans to include local residents in a visioning exercise.


Noreen Meehan, chair of the arts festival, Crystal Palace Overground Festival, and one of the project organisers said “Crystal Palace is an extraordinary place to live, with myriad aspects to its cultural heritage. The park has been the scene for many of these activities. The debates and events we are organising will draw thinkers and experts into a conversation about what the future should be for this enigmatic and beloved space and what culture actually means during our lifetime.” Local architects Dagmar and Christopher Binsted are co-curators of the debates.


Debate 1: Who owns culture? Park, space, building


30 April at 7:30pm, Salvation Army Worship Hall, Westow Street, Upper Norwood



Cany Ash, founding partner of multi-award-winning architects, Ash Sakula



Douglas Murphy – architect and writer, his blog covers architecture, music politics and philosophy and he is the architecture correspondent for Icon Magazine


Val Shawcross, London Assembly member for Southwark and Lambeth


Tom Brown, an author, his novel Strange Air is a chilling Victorian fairytale set in Crystal Palace park


Gus Zogolovitch, managing director, Solidspace – an established design-led developer


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