Chuppul at the market

Chuppul is being brought to London by two sisters, Inji and Najia, both of whom have grown up in Pakistan but now live in London. Najia is doing a PhD at present, focusing on the politics of the Pakistan region, and passionately believes that trading beautiful, intricately-made products like Chuppul are a valuable way to facilitate cultural exchange and mitigate conflict in the world.

We feel that it is a pity that Chuppul are not more widely known and want to do our bit to promote this gorgeous product in London (and further afield).

We will also be ensuring that the local craftsmen who produce the product are aware of its appeal abroad and benefit materially from growing sales.

This week there will be a special offer at the Herne Hill Market of the usual price being £40 per pair but now £70 for two pairs.