Celebrating the hidden world of south London's artisans

Traditional woodwork will be among the crafts on display at Making UncoveredPrintingChair makingTextiles

Artisans from Herne Hill, Brixton and beyond will be opening the doors of Brixton East Gallery on 20 April, inviting members of the public to see the work and skill that goes into their creations and giving them the chance to have a go themselves.


Artists and makers spend much of the time hidden from view, working away behind closed doors to produce beautiful pieces of craft and art. On 20 April, in the inspiring setting of Brixton East gallery, these unsung men and women will be given their moment in the limelight in a unique celebration of the skill and dedication of London’s artistic talent. Making Uncovered is a one-day event in which local makers will show off their skills, offering members of the public the chance to watch them in action, learn some new skills and share in the joy of making. From woodwork and printing to textiles and soap making, there will be something to interest everyone.

“People rarely to get to see artists and craftspeople in action. Making Uncovered will reveal the hard work and dedication involved in creating beautiful works of art and craft, and give people the opportunity to have a go at learning some of these skills themselves,” said Kristina Glushkova, co-founder of local artists’ co-operative Makerhood, which is organising the event.

Entry is free, and demonstrations of 17 different arts and crafts will run all day. Those wanting to have a go themselves can pre-book a variety of workshops, including woodturning, painting, printing and willow weaving. Makers will also be selling one-off pieces. In the evening, the festivities will carry on, with food and drink and an exciting line up of live music, comedy, a pop-up choir and more.

For a full programme of the day’s events, visit our website, or follow us on Twitter (@makerhood) and on our blog. To book a free ticket or to take part in hands-on workshops, visit our Eventbrite page.