Lambeth council has published extensive proposals to convert the Carnegie Library to a gym. These include:

  • Building on half of the garden, removing trees and green space
  • Adding modern extensions at ground level
  • Operating the gym from 6am-10pm weekdays
  • Reducing library space and library staffing.

Full details may be seen on Lambeth's planning database (, Application 16/06271/LB). These changes will impact neighbours, through increased traffic & noise, and reduce the value of the building as a community asset. Several £million is planned to be spent on the redevelopment, yet no business plan has been published to show that the gym will be viable.

Objections can be made by email to:, or on the Lambeth planning site. The deadline is December 12th.

Objections can be on the basis of:

  • Loss of amenities without replacement: library facilities and green space
  • Loss of heritage value
  • Increased traffic and noise for neighbours from the works & the gym
  • Inappropriate development for a residential area.

More details of grounds for objection can be seen here:

Whilst a smaller gym development may be acceptable, the proposals as they stand are intrusive, poorly designed, and severely limit community use of the building.