The Carnegie Library to become a gym?

Lambeth council confirmed on 2nd October that it will stop funding for the Carnegie. Instead, it will become an unstaffed 'library access point' with reduced book space and facilities. The Carnegie will be leased to Greenwich Leisure Ltd to run as a commercial gym, even though gym facilities were considered impractical by the Carnegie options appraisal in 2014 and were voted against in the following consultation.This is likely to mean closure of the Carnegie for several months in 2016, and restriction of the library space to one or two small rooms.

This will mean the loss of most of the community services which the Carnegie provides: the provision of literacy training for adults, the provision of free computing and training facilities, children's reading and learning facilities and free access to a wide range of books, study space, employment training and many other services for wellbeing, employability and the community.

The Friends of the Carnegie are launching a petition to oppose these changes and to ask the council to continue providing a full library service at the Carnegie. Please see the Friends website for more details.


Thanks for writing this article on a really important issue. There's a petition here if you'd like to add your voice to the campaign against the privatisation of the critical public service our libraries provide:

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