Carnegie AGM Launches Campaign to Save the Library

The Friends of Carnegie AGM was very well attended, with nearly 80 members present, and the meeting strongly supported the Friends campaign to keep the library open and for a professionally-run library service at the Carnegie. Over the last year the library has seen large increases in usage and membership, and new services and facilities have been initiated, including business advice sessions, a book group for older children, a second Yoga class and a second room for hotdesking. Ruskin Readers adult literacy classes have expanded to teach 24 students.

Carnegie library image

However, the future of the Carnegie is at risk because of Lambeth Council's Culture2020 proposals to end funding for the building and the library service there, and the AGM supported a strong campaign to oppose these plans. The deadline for responding to Lambeth's proposals ( is 24th April. It is also possible to email your views to Please also sign the Friends of Lambeth Libraries petition at: