Camra Crawl of Closed pubs including Half Moon

Normally Camra members visit pubs that are open; we decided to visit 3 closed premises and have a drink! Is there a point? Well read on:

There are three currently closed premises, large landmark premises all fairly close by in a part of SE London.

  • Half Moon - Herne Hill
  • Crown and Greyhound - Dulwich
  • The Grove - Lordship Lane/Forest Hill

All owned apparently by a large landowner Dulwich Estates.

Half Moon still not reopening after a flood of 2 years ago, the popular Crown and Greyhound closed for a whole year for refurbishment and thus no pub whatever for the residents of Dulwich - could have opened one of the many bars whilst rest of building was refurbished. The Grove, once a harvester, apparently not to reopen as a pub and thus no pubs for residents in that area.

To highlight this sorry state, we set up a temporary presence making use of these pubs outside areas and benches, having a beer that we brought along (bottles of fine ales) to draw attention to these premises. Locals were interested in what we were doing stopping to have a chat, including two that came along on the crawl with us! Various pub items came to grace our temporary premises such as beer mats, clock, candles, ashtray - for bottle tops, snacks, quite home from home!

also see this South London Press article.

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