Camberwell College of Arts at Brockwell Lido's Modern Movement 2011

Brockwell Lido's Modern Movement 2011 kicks off tomorrow, April 30th, and will run across the weekend with 20 stalls set up around the pool selling items from the 1920s to the 1970s including lighting, textiles, rugs, vintage furniture, glass and objets d’art. There will also be talks and other activities, including an exhibition/installation from the Camberwell College of Arts' first year 3D degree programme students. The cafe will be serving a barbeque by the pool. All are welcome.

The weekend probably gets its name from the dominant movement in 20th-century architecture, which grew out of the technological innovations of 19th C industrial architecture, which led to a kind of international style of the 1920s and 30s. This has since developed various regional trends. ‘Form follows function’ was one of the MM's principles even if this didn't seem to represent contemporary architecture's preoccupation with proportion, human scale, and attention to detail!

The following photos have been made available by Karen Richmond, who runs the 3D degree programme at the Camberwell College of Arts, of CCA's contribution to last year's Modern Movement weekend. We're only posting a few here, you can see more on the Brockwell Lido Gym & Spa Users Forum (BLGSUF) Facebook page (18 in all) and a few others on BLGSUF's Campaign pages on the Herne Hill Forum.

Says Karen Richmond about CCA's Modern Movement 2011 exhibition/installation: "As a university campus close to Brockwell Lido, Camberwell College of Art students are very pleased to be part of the Brockwell Lido Modern Movement Weekend. Twenty 1st year BA students have created giant mazes, floating islands, competitions and much more fun for people of all ages. Come, take part, make and have fun! I hope the event goes really well, I will unfortunately not be there this weekend, however my colleagues Fabiane Perrella and Michael Hurley will be there."

We're also including a few pictures taken by Virginie Stubi, a first year 3D student last year. She's not participating this year but made the last 3 available. Thanks to Karen and Virginie!