Cafe Prov fundraiser down to the last!

The good news is that Cafe Provencal owner Adam Shipley has a meeting with Thames Water tomorrow. The bad news is that there aren't any assurances and Cafe Prov's fundraiser is well shy of target with just a couple of days left. Posting on social media a short time ago, Adam wrote:

Tomorrow morning [Thursday 9th] I’m meeting with Thames Water to put my case to them for compensation for the cafe for the costs we incurred from the 2013 flood. Other businesses from the area will also be meeting with them throughout the day. This is a huge step forward and something we couldn’t have achieved without your support and the publicity that’s been generated by all of you sharing our story - thank you so much.We still have a long way to go on the Crowdfunder - but we’re not giving up yet. Please take thirty seconds to share it on Facebook and Twitter and forward this email to your friends - every small donation buys us a little bit more time."

After the crowdfunder expires, Cafe Prov will host a Great Sunday Busk fundraising/music making event on Sept 13th featuring Hey Zeus and guests, sponsored by Bullfinch Brewery.


What is staggering is that we allow Thames water to rip the heart out of Herne Hill, destroy local business and rob our community of a historic pub... and we let them get away with it. Come on Herne Hill this is outrageous.. wake up!!