The butcher, the baker, the furniture mover-shaker... and of course the Fruit Garden formerly of Railton Road

After months of speculation and uproar, you will soon notice that the Network Rail evictions are well and truly under way.

Where has everyone gone you say?  

Well, you'll now find the baker, formerly Ye Olde Bakery, now Bel-Ore Artisan Bakehouse at 284 Milkwood Road.  New name, new location, same bakers and delicious breads.

The Fruit Garden, also taking the new location, new name approach will be providing the same great quality and selection.  Look for Seasons of England at 292 Milkwood Road and don't forget your 5 a day.  

Bleu has opened a second location in the name of Morbleu at 135 Dulwich Road and will be trading from their until the dust settles.

Sadly the Launderette will be temporarily leaving Herne Hill but we hope to see them back when the shiny new premises are unveiled.