Brockwell Water Polo 2017

Brockwell Swimmers have announced the dates for Water Polo 2017. For the colder months they have six indoor sessions at the nearby Alleyn’s School indoor pool in Dulwich, and then eight outdoor sessions at the Lido when the weather, and the water, get a little warmer.

This is now the third year of Water Polo at Brockwell and thanks to the enthusiasm of their coach Jim Boucher more and more swimmers are discovering the fun to be had playing team sports at the pool. The sessions cater for both beginners and more experienced players, so all skill levels are welcome. 

• Discounts available for Brockwell Swimmers (membership is free).

• Save money by block booking sessions in advance.

• Increased number of lifeguards at the Brockwell Lido sessions.

Places are limited so they suggest booking early to avoid dissapointment at

Great to see the Lido being used more for swimming events. As they say "use it or lose it"!