Brockwell Swimmers go PHISHing

Brockwell Swimmers travalled up north to swim at the annual Parliament Hill Ice Swim Hootenanny (PHISH) on Saturday 21st January. Never wanting to be outdone by other London pools, such as our comparitively warm Brockwell, their water was cooled to a decidedly chilly 2°C! But with the sun shining, hot coffee and bacon butties on standby, and a very cosy 80°F sauna, nobody was complaining.

The event attracts cold water swimmers from across the UK, with entrants from as far afield as Cumbria, Devon and Ireland. The races are timed, and results are published. However, the real enjoyment of the day is the camaraderie of swapping stories with other cold water nutters. This is definitely one of the more friendly events in the London swimming calendar.

Brockwell Lido Swimmers to Phishing

Great day, great event and great turnout. If you would like to be to be invited to next year’s event contact us at