Brockwell Spring Relays 2018

On the evening of Thursday 31st May, swimming clubs from across London met for the very first Brockwell Spring Relays. After a couple of tense days, when the weather forecast was truly diabolical predicting thunder and lightening, the skies finally cleared for a wonderful balmy, rain-free evening. The Lido could not have looked better.

Visiting clubs included Tooting’s South London Swimming Club, Serpentine Swimming Club and the Spencer Swimmming Team captained by our coach Stephen Baker who had jumped ship for the evening. Our home triathlon club Windrush also put forward two teams, plus our own Team Brockwell all keen to get in that pool and start swimming. Seven teams, around a hundred swimmers in total.

Races started prompt at 8pm with freestyle relays, followed by breaststroke, medley and finishing with a ten person sqaudron. Thanks to all the team captains for organising their teams so well, and with no delays we finished our final length at 8:45pm giving us time to add up the scores and announce the winner.

Third place went to Spencer Team B, Second to Windrush Team B and the winning glass trophy went to Spencer Team A, collected by coach Stephen Baker.

A big thank you for all our volunteers and timekeepers, and a special mention of Tristram, our race starter and score keeper.

It was marvelous to see club races returning to Brockwell Lido, one of the original reasons it was built. Lots of lovely comments from all the visiting teams, all keen to return. Let’s hope we are allowed to do this all again next year.

brockwell lido spring relays 2018