Brockwell Passage opened to great fanfare

Herne Hill is turning its local grot spots into works of public art.

209 St Jude’s Primary School students and local artist Victor Szepessy have transformed Brockwell Passage, near Herne Hill Station, with an artistic mural and student stencils which signpost and celebrate the neighbouring area.

‘Brockwell Passage Picnic Spot’, now complete with it’s own Blue Plaque, neighbourhood corner bench and colourful lanterns was opened to great fanfare by St Jude’s Primary School Head Teacher Miss Alexandra New.

“The children have really enjoyed working on the artwork, it makes the passage really colourful, it is now a lovely place to walk through,” said Miss New.

“It has been wonderful for the children to have taken part in this local community project which has improved such an important space for Herne Hill residents,” she said.

Victor Szepessy said he firstly pressure-washed the wall, applied several layers of gesso, drew the outline freehand and painted it using water based acrylic paint in spray cans, tubes, and paint pens. The mural is varnished with an anti graffiti covering.

“The kids from St Jude’s Primary School created their own stencils and spent three days stencilling the passage way. This was their first experience of painting on a wall and we explored how brick absorbs paint, how to mix colours to create new ones, and how the space you cut away to make a stencil becomes the shape that appears on the wall,” added Victor.

Brockwell Passage has long been a dumping ground for commercial waste; an unwelcoming thoroughfare; and a hotspot for anti-social behaviour. As part of the #CleanHerneHill movement, the Herne Hill Forum have created and led this project, collaborating with Victor Szepessy and St Jude’s Primary School to create a beautifully lit public realm and a new piece of collaborative public art to restore pride in centre of Herne Hill.