Brockwell Park Events - Public meeting 18th January 7.30 p.m.

Brockwell Park Events - Public Meeting

18th January, 7.30pm

Baptist Church, Half Moon Lane, SE24 9HU

(corner of Half Moon Lane and Winterbrook Road)

The Herne Hill Forum is hosting a special meeting dedicated to the issues surrounding the plans to host events in Brockwell Park. The meeting will be looking at the policy behind using Brockwell Park for events and how that policy benefits park users and the local community. This year Field Day and LoveBox are proposing to hold two large events (est 40,000 plus attendees) based in Brockwell Park and will be present at the meeting.

We have invited key stakeholders to be on a panel:

Cllr Sonia Winifred, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Culture, Lambeth Council (tbc)

Mr Lee Fiorentino, Head of Events & Filming, Lambeth Council

Mike Denness - Lovebox

Jon Drape - Field Day

In addition there will be councillors and officers from Lambeth and Southwark and local community groups in attendence to answer queries and provide additional information. 

The meeting is focused on quizing the key stakeholders about the proposals and ensuring that everyone is aware of the issues, facts and likely outcomes.

We are welcoming questions to be submitted in advance that can be put to key stakeholders at the meeting. In addition on the evening we will be collating written questions and if possible, taking questions from the floor.

A recent announcement from Lambeth has clarified the decision process for the two large events proposed for this year. Each event will be required to gain a Permit to hold an event in Brockwell Park and then a Licence to sell alcohol and play music at the Festival. The Permit is due to be decided in the week of 29th January. Thereafter, the Licence application must be publicised for a minimum of 28 days before adjudication. Feedback from this meeting will contribute to the decision making process regarding the permit and licencing of these two events. 

Anyone unable to attend, or wanting to submit a question in advance, is invited to contact

As part of ensuring that the maximum information relating to events in the park and these two events in particular are available in the public domain we are collating as many relevant documents as we can here:

LoveBox presentation: mama_comunityplan-vfinal_email.pdf 

LoveBox Lambeth Event Report:  20171106_-_lovebox_and_citadel_2018.docx

Field Day Presentation:  171120_fd_community_consultation_deck_.pdf

Field Day Event Report:  20171120_-_field_day_and_the_mighty_hoopla_2018.docx

Friends of Brockwell Park Press release:  brockwell_park_events_press_release_fobp.docx

Friends of Brockwell Park - background document:  fobp_2018_events_backgrounder.docx

List of events planned for 2018 across all Lambeth open spaces:  eventlambeth_programme_11012018.xlsx

Lambeth events strategy document:  new-events-strategy-2015-to-2020.pdf

Friends of Brockwell Park press release re: Sunfall 17-1-18:  brockwell_park_and_sunfall_fobp_press_release.docx

Friends of Brockwell Park background document to Sunfall press release:  sunfall_2016_and_2017_backgrounder.docx

Lambeth council FAQ background to the two proposed events:  lsp-brockwell-park-summer-2018-events-2.pdf

Brockwell Tranquility - background document:  brockwell_tranquillity_rev_0.docx

If you have documents that are relevant to the parks event policy, past events or to do with the two proposed events that you would like to add to the web site so that they are easily available to the local community then please email them in to and we will add them.


I would like the following question asked at the Brockwell Park Events - Public meeting 18th January

“In what way are local sports clubs being consulted on how these new events might disrupt community sports events happening in the park?”

Parks are traditionally places for sport AND leisure. Looking at the Park’s many committees, sports clubs seem to be excluded from any of the decision making bodies. Why is this?

This is what the Lambeth Events Strategy 2015-20 says:

"The other factor is the relationship between income and local needs. There needs to be recognition that income reinvested creates a motivation to learn and the aspiration to raise income and demonstrate a direct benefit back into the community and open spaces. The proposal is to use profit beyond the environmental impact fee in to a three way split with 1/3rd to go directly into the park or open space where the event took place and 1/3rd to go to Lam- beth’s other parks and green spaces and the final 1/3rd to go back into the administration and income target of the events service."

No one mentioned that at the meeting on the 18th. Why? Not relevant?