Brockwell Park Dog Show 2017: The Mystery of the Brockwell Park Dog Show

The theme for this year’s Brockwell Park Dog Show is ‘Mystery of the Brockwell Park Dog Show’. What’s that all about we hear you ask … is it a detective theme? We asked Lily, show organiser, to explain!

Mystery of the Brockwell Park Dog Show (2017)!

This year’s Brockwell Park Dog Show theme is the sleuth-minded ’Mystery of the Brockwell Park Dog Show’.  We wanted a theme unique from past shows and one that would lend itself to fancy dress.  The past two years, since we took the reins, the themes came about quite quickly and organically.  Once we knew Mark Rylance was going to judge in 2015 we decided on a “Woof Hall" theme almost immediately.  Last year after David Bowie passed, as he was born in Brixton we thought an homage to him was definitely due. 

This year was more open-ended. We wanted to go with a literary theme of some description but wanted to focus it.  I've noticed a remarkable fascination and tradition of detective stories and classic whodunnits in the UK, especially over the past decade or so. Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Jonathon Creek etc the list goes on and on. So we thought a sleuth spin would be a fun spin on what is a light hearted and fun day out in the park!

If anyone wants to volunteer on the day we'll be there from 10am on Sunday the 9th of July!

Basics you need to know:

Registration from 12-1.30 pm £2 per dog per category
Next to Brockwell Hall, show starts at 2 pm
Celebrating all of fiction's greatest sleuths and detectives!

Categories include:

Handsomest Dog
Prettiest Bitch
Cutest Puppy
Golden Oldies
Dogs Got Talent
Detective themed Fancy Dress!

And for the first time a furry friend parade with your children's favourite stuffed toy!

Poster by Katherine Hardy:

A few photos from Dog Show 2016 follow ... and hope to see you all on Sunday the 9th of July!

Lily Ferguson-Mahan