Brockwell Lido Car park proposals

Brockwell Lido car park proposals

Many people use the car park by the Lido – Lido users, Park users, local shoppers and even commuters. Some people abuse it too, parking in disabled bays without a blue badge and parking across the marked bays. Fusion, who lease the car park, want to improve access conditions for bona fide Lido and Park users and there’s been a long standing effort, over literally years, to find a solution to the problems that have arisen. It’s clear that there is no completely satisfactory solution that is affordable (for the avoidance of doubt, Fusion are not trying to make money out of the car park – they want Park and Lido users to get a fair deal by deterring abuse), or it would have been adopted long ago.

The Brockwell Lido Steering Committee – a collection of local community and interest groups who meet quarterly with Fusion and Lambeth Council to review Lido issues and plans - took receipt last week of the latest proposals for the car park; comments are sought, as soon as possible please but in any case no later than 4 July.

In essence the car park will provide two hours of free parking enforced by an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system. Disabled users will be allowed three hours. After that, users will have to pay £3.50 per hour (by phone) or they will incur a Penalty Charge Notice of £80 (£50 for prompt payers). The charges will apply in the car park in the evening and at weekends too (even though road parking is free at these times)
The full proposal can be read on the BLU website

Please send your comments to BLU.