Broadcasting guru needed!!!

JOM Junior Open Mic, a local community music group, is on the lookout for anyone with experience in the back-end of online broadcasting to lend some time helping to improve the audio and visual quality of performances during JOM Junior Open Mic Live Online Sessions. The show broadcasts once every 3 weeks and is designed as an event for young London performers – both new and seasoned.

They are a replacement for the free JOM live music events hosted at Off The Cuff Music Bar in Herne Hill and Brockwell Park. These free events grew to be the largest of their kind in the UK – featuring up to 32 acts per session and audiences of 400.

Main organiser Andy Gray believes live music events for young performers provide them increased confidence and the self-motivation to improve musical skills. “We’ve seen a huge return rate over 4 years at JOM sessions. Hundreds of young performers. And those that do return naturally want to better their previous performance. Some go even further by organising their own gigs at other music venues across London.”

“Since Covid 19, we’ve shifted completely to online sessions and will continue online for the next 12 months. Despite the lower quality sound of live streaming compared to a real music stage the online sessions are proving very popular – the next one features 19 artists.”

“I think we have the bones of something that can be really special. We already have a seasoned presenter, two supporting adults and a pool of twenty others who’ve previously helped with offline JOM events. I’d love hear from anyone with the technical skills to take JOM Junior Open Mic Live Online to the next level – perhaps turn it into a YouTube show. I'm all ears.”

Email or phone 07946 201193.

The next JOM Junior Open Mic is on Saturday 7th June from 7-9pm using Instagram Live at is also an archive for 200 clips of performances at JOM events.