Bloomin' Lovely - Local charity gardening project

Can you help local charity Link Age Southwark reach their all or nothing ‘Bloomin’ Lovely’ crowdfunder project target? An all or nothing target means that if we don’t reach our target all supporters are refunded and the project won’t be funded.

The vision for our Bloomin’ Lovely project is to adapt and expand our gardening service in an extra special way to show that the local community cares about our older friends. As a result of the lockdown most older people have been unable to do any kind of shopping, including buying plants and flowers to spruce up their gardens. This year, Link Age Southwark’s aim is to adapt their service for those who are shielding, self-isolating or worried about going out, and to bring a bit of colour back into their lives by delivering bedding plants, a bunch of flowers or a houseplant to them.

Link Age Southwark have had to cancel their planned community fundraising events which raise vital funds to facilitate their services. Your support with this project will enable them to make up the shortfall in order to sustain their service provision at a time when it has never been more important. A small contribution from you will help deliver smiles to our community of vulnerable older people who deserve to feel valued.

To find out more and to support this project please visit