Blast from the recent past: Herne Hill's Redeem the Swede contest!

Swede or neep, aka turnip, rutabaga … a versatile veg often referred to as pig fodder yet loaded with vit A, vit C and a rich source of fibre, calcium and potassium! But how to prepare it? Daffodils are already flowering, so here's a winter story while there's still a bit of 2014 winter left … and one which suggests a few swede recipes!

How many of you remember the Redeem the Swede recipe competition held in February 2013 (and colder then than now it was too) in Herne Hill Market Square? It was put on by Local Greens and featured local foodie and restaurant critic Jay Rayner as judge. It was written up by lots of locals, from Dulwich On-View to "Caterers of Distinction" Suzanne James. As Dulwich On-View wrote before the competition: "Swede is considered by the French to be pig food, and can be a challenge to cook with." The contest was fully subscribed. Contestants were supplied with swede grown organically in Essex by a Local Greens partner farm. On the day, contestants arrived with a steady stream of impressive dishes – swede soufflé, quiche, curry, cake, salad, ice cream, samosa, chutney, soup. Two rounds of judging and the winners were: 1st prize for a shepherd's pie using swede in place of potato; a Thai green papaya salad with swede instead of green papaya took 2nd; a swede curry took 3rd. Herne Hill Market also donated £20 – which Rayner fashioned into an Invention Prize awarded to swede ice cream and swede pie! Try some swede today - and better still, swede sourced from your Local Greens. Read the full Redeem the Swede account from Local Greens:

Lots of recipes online, incl