Bike theft

Hi, my daughter's bike was stolen from Herne Hill market area on the 27th of September. She chained it to the Herne Hill notice board just before 2pm on her way to work in Sesami, and when she came back to get it around midnight it was gone. She says it's the 3rd bike she knows of that's been stolen from there this month. Does anyone know if there's CCTV there? It's black, with L-shaped handlebars, a red drinks holder and some writing on the frame. The 2 wheels (26x1.95 she thinks) were chained together and then that chain was linked to the chain tying her bike to the notice board - everything was taken, bike, lights and locks.

She wonders whether someone is actually unscrewing and lifting the bikes over the post, or whether they're actually sawing/cuttng through the chains - either would be noticeable in what is a busy pedestrian area. Any info regarding this would be much appreciated.

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