The Big Spin-a-thon 5-6 October at The Lido - appeal for sponsorship

The Big Spin-a-thon at Brockwell Lido

Please will you sponsor me in a Spin-a-Thon I am taking part in to raise urgently needed funds for the charity my wife Pat and I set up in 2006 and which has been doing grand work bringing about change in the lives of vulnerable young people in south London.

My personal target is £500 and every £1 you contribute will help me get there. How does it work?

Over the weekend of October 5 and 6 2013 a hundred and twenty riders will undertake an indoor cycle marathon (aka spin-a-thon!! – see attached leaflet) and I plan to spend 3 hours in the saddle!

OK I like cycling; I like the hum of bees and dappled sunlight as I flash down country lanes but the longest I have ever managed on a spin cycle in a gym is 35 minutes so three hours is one heck of a challenge. I’m not sure I can do it but if you sponsor me I’ll make sure I do!

And there’s a bonus – every £1 you contribute could be doubled with the help of The Childhood Trust who have offered to match fund what we raise. The overall target for the weekend is £2,000 and every rider will pay £10 per hour to take part. So if you’d like to ride please contact  


Thank you for your support - you’ve put a wonderful gift in the hand of our Young Leaders.

Andy Walker  Founder/Trustee 020 7274 5780       Reg. Charity no 1121717

Southside YLA is an early intervention programme preventing young men being excluded from school, getting involved in gangs, committing crime and ending up unemployed or in prison. We work in partnership with local schools and parents in south east London. Our activities include sports, practical skills e.g. designing and making products, shooting and editing videos, cooking, creative writing. Every summer we organise a training week at the UK Sailing Academy in the Isle of Wight. So – lots to raise money for.