Attempted Mugging/Assault, Centre of Herne Hill

Attempted Mugging/Assault in the centre of Herne Hill today:

I had just exited the front entrance of the station and was heading towards the park at around 1pm today. A man walking in the opposite direction charged at me as we drew close and struck my side with considerable force. Please note that I am not exaggerating a case of pavement rage here. This man was three or four feet away on a wide pavement when he changed direction and charged at me with his shoulder braced for the impact. 

I believe his intention was to knock me down, possibly with a view to mugging me. Regardless of what his intentions were he hit me with the kind of force that can do serious damage and I was lucky to remain standing. Fortunately he moved on. 

I have reported this incident to the police and would appreciate any witnesses to message me. A car stopped when this happened so I believe it was witnessed.

This took place in broad daylight in the centre of Herne Hill. It was unusually quiet and not many pedestrians were around which is why I think that the man took his chance. If anyone has had a similar experience please get in touch.