Another Violent Assault, centre of Herne Hill

Two men brought Herne Hill junction to a halt shortly after midday today, Tuesday Dec 5th 2017. One was incredibly aggressive, trying to land blows to the head of the other man. This incident seems to have developed from an altercation near the Half Moon Dental Clinic between a pedestrian and a cyclist (the term 'cyclist' is used here in its widest sense. This was a young aggressive man who happened to be on a bicycle, not the stuff of Daily Mail hate campaigns.)

Police must have been nearby because two officers were able to intervene very quickly and detain both men for questioning, a good outcome on this occasion. 

This sort of aggression and disorder seems to be happening more and more often. Recent statistics have shown huge rises in these types of crimes and areas of London such as ours were already subject to high levels.

As bystanders or victims it is often difficult to know what to do in the presence of this kind of aggression. The police are no longer conducting cctv enquiries unless a specific location and camera have already been identified as having positively captured evidence. The upshot of this and declining police resources is that violent offenders are becoming increasingly brazen in their behaviour. Our area is pleasant to live in, but I would urge a degree of caution.