Aitch SE24 is saying “What Goes Around Comes Around…”

With us settling into the year, you might be thinking of new hair, new options, a new change, or refresh! With that in mind we've picked the creative heads of our team at AITCH for the lastest colour trends.  

Blorange, this colour mix of orange shades, surfacing from warm peach and strawberry hues. The mix offers a desired colour between blonde and ginger. ( Top image, Colour by Rebecca, Technical Director)

2017 reveals the trending balayage, with a dark twist. Balayage is revitalised from dark roots to a payler gray shade towards the bottom. Originating from the gray/ silver toned trend.  (Middle image colour, From @i.sabello, Instagram

A more modernised approach, Snow White Blonde. The platnium is still here but with more White and less yellow tone. Frosty, Icy elements show through in this trend. (Bottom image, colour by Chloe, Senior Technician)

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