4ALL's 'Between The Tracks Afterschool Club' seeks volunteers!! We need both volunteers and fulfulling things for young people to do!

WHO ARE WE? West Dulwich-based, BETWEEN THE TRACKS are an after school club for young people aged 8-12, based in community halls on two sites . Monday we are in the Rosendale Road Peabody Community Hall SE24 and Wednesday on the Peabody Hill SE21. We run during term time from 3.34-5.45 and also do occasional trips in the school holidays.

Our umbrella group is headed by 4ALL which is based at All Saints West Dulwich on Lovelace Road, a a diverse CofE parish in SE21. 

WHAT DO WE OFFER CLUB MEMBERS? We help with homework and project work We listen to them We teach life and social skills through fun activities such as cooking, multi-sports, arts & crafts, board games, construction, knitting/sewing, table tennis, table football, pool, IT etc.

WHAT DO THEY OFFER US? An opportunity to get to know young people, to see them thrive, fun, laughter to show them people care and want to support them.

WHO WOULD THIS SUIT? We are particularly looking for young volunteers (6th form age plus). This would suit young people doing their Duke of Edinburgh award, anyone thinking of a career in teaching, sports, coaching, youth work.

WHAT SKILLS ARE WE LOOKING FOR? People with a genuine interest in young people. If you have a particular skill you would like to share that’s brilliant but not essential.

WHAT ELSE CAN WE OFFER?  Contacts, training (first aid, safeguarding etc). A chance to add volunteering to your CV, an enhanced DBS check.

WHAT TO DO NOW? We need people able to give a regular commitment and come once each week, or every two weeks minimum. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Christopher Pick on 07432118859. We will have a chat and invite you along for some trial sessions to meet the young people and other volunteers.


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