36 line-up music festival in Brockwell Park entertains South Londoners

A combination of free quality performances from young open mic’ers showcasing their talents and soothing autumn sun gave park users an unexpected treat last Sunday. The JOM Micro Music Festival line-up was eclectic - opening with a 9 year old drummer (a mini Whiplash) followed by Hector (age 5) on the recorder, followed by punk band ‘rpm’ and so forth. As the sun set, the senior performers (13-16) kicked in with some extraordinary singer songwriters and instrumentalists. Moving, soulful, soothing songs - they gave us their hearts. Then as the audience rubbed their wet eyes, it was back to the younger performers again - a 4 year old caped superhero’s interpretation of Pink Floyd and a 10 year old virtuoso concert pianist. What a journey!
Yet at no point did the audience and organisers not take this seriously. The sound was engineered by the chief engineer from a top British band (one word, begins with R, ends with D.) The audience gave every artist huge respect with massive cheers leaving them exiting the stage feeling like they could go anywhere they wanted too. Mostly though, they chose to return to the VIP Performers tent for another complimentary chocolate biscuit.