2nd & last open meeting re gym refurb at Lido, Sun. Jan 15th, 2pm, Studio 1

14 Jan: Another important gym refurb meeting tomorrow - another (perhaps last) chance to get in your shout! This will be held at 2pm in studio 1, but as the location could change in case of activity scheduling conflict, check at reception upon arrival. This is an important meeting and "bums on seats" are crucial, esp those of regular users. There was a meeting on Weds (see photos below) which produced a good turnout with Lido manager Clare Motton presiding, but we're all hoping for better this time. Fusion have tabled two gym refurb plans which were on display at the meeting and have been posted on this forum as well. They have been taking email consultation on which is best - but reaction has been lacklustre so far. It appeared as though one plan or the other would simply be adopted, fait accompli, but thanks to Giles of Herne Hill Forum, who initiated argument for one more meeting to review Fusion's choice before implementation, it will not be done and dusted after tomorrow. But it is crucial that as many people as possible come along to have a say. Tara (Customer Relations Manager) and Nastasha (Team Leader) will moderate. There was controversy at Wednesday's meeting as free weight users fear Fusion will reduce number of free weight kit in favour of more profitable cardiovascular equipment. You can follow the debate on the Brockwell Lido Gym & Spa Users Forum (Facebook), as well on the forum's Herne Hill Forum's campaign mirror. Hope to see you there!