2015 Herne Hill Music Festival Bandstands recap!

For the third year running, the Herne Hill Music Festival in conjunction with the Herne Hill Forum hosted bandstand events in Herne Hill Market. As in 2014, this year there were two bandstand events on two Sundays (the first Sunday slightly truncated because Capicorn Sax Quartet was forced to cancel) in the market section of Railton Road. It was a fantastic two days of music featuring a wide variety of styles, with jazz vibes from up and coming Alice In Grooveland to Baroque from locals South Circular Orchestra  - plus everything else in-between. The bandstand dates were created as an interim showcase to promote the Festival's October dates - this year the dates are 9-18 October which will again feature a local opera! But the Bandstand dates have rapidly become special events in their own right, also promoted by the Herne Hill Market and by a number Sunday Market traders. And this year it was wonderful to have the first bandstand going while people donated goods at the Calais Refugee stall.  

So many donations for the Calais refugees!The Human Trolley aka Giles Gibson of the Forum storing boxed goods

After the second bandstand there was an impromptu appearance from swingsters Ruben & Gorgios once the main music wrapped up! R&G (who are also part of Gypsy Butter) play the full HHMF2015 'Gorgeous Guitars' evening on October 13th at the Prince Regent along with bluesman Steve Morrison and Brazilian Samba Jazz and Bossa Nova player Mario Bakuna. Photos below of all the bandstand acts, move your cursor over the image to get a description. We also include a roster of web links for all bands after the photos. There are also several live audio tracks from Bandstand 2015 bands on the HHMF Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/herne-hill-music-festival. Be sure to get more full Festival details at http://www.hernehillfestival.org

Tony Marten and Robin Bibi with Folk 'n BluesJazzers Alice in Grooveland

Bossanova and Latin Jazz from Polka NovaMags and Oliver of folk rockers Hey Zeus Music

South Circular Orchestra (SCOre) play PurcellSwing music from Kim Syvret and Leo Kelly-Gee

Roger Cawkwell conducts the London Saxophone ChoirRuben and Gorgios were an unannounced act - they play our Oct 13th 'Gorgeous Guitars' date at the Prince Regent

#1 ROBIN BIBI  http://www.robinbibiband.co.uk TONY MARTEN https://twitter.com/tony_marten

#2 ALICE IN GROOVELANDhttps://soundcloud.com/alice-in-grooveland

#3 POLKA NOVA http://www.polkanovamusic.com

#4 HEY ZEUS [MUSIC] http://www.heyzeusmusic.co.uk

#5 SOUTH CIRCULAR ORCHESTRA www.southcircularorchestra.co.uk

#6 KIM SYVRET http://www.kimsyvretsings.com LEO KELLY-GEE https://soundcloud.com/leokellygeemusic

#7 LONDON SAXOPHONE CHOIR www.londonsaxophonechoir.org.uk

#8 RUBEN AND GORGIOS https://www.facebook.com/gypsybutterUK