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There are 2 teenagers cycling around the area enclosed by Herne Hill, Milkwood Road and Herne Hill Road. They are about in the evenings when its getting dark and targetting kids on their way home from school to steal their phones. My daughter was confronted on Kestral Avenue last week, she ignored them and kept walking. One of the cyclists blocked her path and demanded her phone. She said she had a crap phone, they couldnt possibly want it and kept walking. They were caught off guard by her lack of fear and she felt safe because she was close to home.

Please warn your kids and work out a strategy for them, they wont all be as lucky as my daughter. Everyone be vigilant and report muggings and attempted muggings. Local Police team 02087212824.

Re: Muggings

Very glad your daughter is safe although she probably acted against current Police advice by refusing to hand it over. Did you report it via 101 or similar?

Re: Muggings

A fuller description of the thieves might be helpful to others?

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