More aircraft to overfly Herne Hill

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More aircraft to overfly Herne Hill

There have been rumblings for sometime now that City Airport wants to both increase the number of flights that it handles AND have them arrive and take off in various new directions.

That rumbling has now become a reality with its recent application for planning permission with Dulwich, Herne Hill & Brixton all on its overfly "hit list".

With more aircraft will come more aircraft noise, and although the airports claim that the aircraft are getting quieter (but not that much IMHO, and what is clear is that there are many, many more of them) what we really need to recognise is that we are very much closer to City Airport than to Heathrow airport (about half the distance) so that on average we can expect the aircraft approaching City airport will be at half the height. And if I rember my physics correctly that means that they will not be twice as noisy, but more like 4 times as noisy (inverse square law).

What can we do about it?

Sign the petition

Oppose the planning permission. Large numbers writing in really will have an impact. There is a sample letter at the link above.

Stopping it now is far, far  easier than trying to stop it later, and scuppering the planning permision is about the only effective way.

Another step forward

The whole process with City airport flight paths has just moved another step forward, see

As you will see Herne Hill and Dulwich are clearly on the hit list.

An update by HACAN

The following update from a recent HACAN newsletter.

London City Airport

A lot has been going on these last few months these at London City Airport.  It has kept our sister organisation, HACAN East, very busy.

 Just before Christmas the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced it had given London City Airport permission to concentrate its flight paths.  This will mean communities across east and south-east London, including many HACAN members, will not get a break from the noise if they are overflown by City aircraft.  HACAN East has mounted a major campaign to persuade the CAA to reverse its decision which has effectively created noise ghettos.

 A Public Inquiry is currently underway looking into London City’s expansion plans – a new taxiway, larger parking bays – to enable it to operate larger planes.  HACAN East is one of the key objectors.You can read more about the concentrated flight paths – if you live in SE London, they could affect you – and City expansion plans in the HACAN East newsletter:

London City Airport and concentrated flight paths

London City continue to fly a low altitude concentrated flight path across Herne Hill. They seem unconcerned by complaints of noise disturbance according to this account of a meeting with their CEO by SE London campaign group Plane Hell Action.

Public meeting about Heathrow flightpaths, Monday 4th Feb

Many SE Londoners have complained that Heathrow is not holding consultation events in SE London for its massive proposed changes to flight paths.  Nevertheless, the area will see many more Heathrow planes on new flightpaths, as well as of course London City-bound planes.

Well now there is a public meeting with Heathrow, on Monday. Details are below.

There will be a meeting about the Heathrow Consultation focusing on the impact of the proposals on East, North East and South East London on Monday 4th Feb at 7pm.

It will be held in the Novotel London Blackfriars Hotel, 46 Blackfriars Rd, South Bank, London SE1 8NZ

The venue is a short walk from Waterloo Station and from Southwark Underground Station and a few minutes more from London Bridge.

The meeting will be chaired by HACAN but senior people from Heathrow will be there to explain and answer questions on their consultation proposals.

It will be the only consultation meeting focusing specifically East, North East and South East London.

Here are two short briefings which HACAN has done you might find useful to have a look at before the meeting:

Here is the way the proposals could impact East and NE London:

Here is the way the proposals could impact SE London:

Heathrow Consultation - New guide for South East London

Still unsure about whether to respond to Heathrow and make sure our area’s views are heard? It’s now easy to make sense of what to say with the help of the Forest Hill Society’s new guide to the consultation for South East Londoners. For each Heathrow question, there are suggestions about what the key issues are for people in SE London and what we might say about them.!AuV6NOp8I8tAkX-wJntuswM5961T

The deadline for responding to Heathrow’s proposed redesign of flight paths over London is 4th March.

London City planes over Herne Hill
just a reminder that in the recent fine weather all London City Airport arrivals are overflying us once again. Planes at 2000ft every 4 minutes at some times of day. Research shows that different people are disturbed by different noise levels. If you are at all concerned, read on.

London City are on record as saying their key reported measure on the issue is numbers of complaints so it is up to us to fill their inbox. You do this by filling in their form at []
or by emailing

Meanwhile Forest Hill Society with support from Dulwich Society will be meeting London City executives in early March to raise once again what we want to change - a redesign of flightpaths over us with proper consultation, an end to the concentrated flight path, flying higher for longer, periods of relief from aircraft noise and proper joint planning with Heathrow to minimise or end double overflight.

London City Airport's expansion and Masterplan

As the word spreads about what London City wants to do- their draft Masterplan aims for a huge increase in their low altitude concentrated flights over Forest Hill, Dulwich/Herne Hill, the fight back is being led by a new campaign from HACAN East which needs support from the overflown right now. ‘Back the Ban’, supports the retention of the existing 24 hour ban on flights between Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes. London City say they now want to fly in this period. What can you do?

1. Fill out a Back the Ban postcard and post it to London City at their Freepost address. Here it is. []

2.Sign the Change petition to Newham Council, which is the body with approval over the airport’s planning applications and activities. Here it is. []


public meeting 4 Sept - two London Airports expanding

HACAN East will be holding a public meeting, jointly with the No3rdRunway Campaign and Plane Hell Action, covering London City and Heathrow expansion on 4th September, 7-9pm, St Mark’s Church Kennington, 337 Kennington Park Rd, SE11 4PW

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