Missing a black small Moggie from Burbage Road

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Missing a black small Moggie from Burbage Road

Much loved Missing Moggie - Black small (8mths old) - goes by name of Logi - quite quiet but very friendly. Missing from the Half Moon Lane end of Burbage Road.  Please please keep a look out for him and message me if he turns up.

Thank you.

Have you found Logi?

There was a small black cat, very friendly, on the pavement by Courtmead Close this morning 5 mins ago.  Seemed a bit lost; but in good health.

Logi missing again

Hi.  That was indeed him in courtmead close.  Unfortunately he's gone adventuring again since yesterday - last seen in sunray gardens area 24 hours ago so please do report any sightings.  


Think I have found Logi

Hi Heron - we have had a cat matching Logi's description hanging around Druce Road, just off Court Lane since yesterday and then it came to our back door this morning. Very hungry so we fed him. Had to take one of our cats to the vet this morning and so we took this cat too. They checked the microchip and are currently trying to contact the owner. The cat is now sleeping in our living room - our two cats are not too amused! PM if your cat is still missing. Thanks.

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