Local Deliveries

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Cocotte Catering
Local Deliveries

Dear Herne Hill Forum Members!

We are a local catering company and in the current climate we are diversifying our offer to provide no-contact delivery services to South London.

We provide ready to cook and eat staples such as our #NoWashUpRoast Dinner, burger kits, ready to cook meals, side dishes, healthy salads and homemade soups. We also do cake, dessert kits, and a breakfast package including our best selling turmeric spiked golden granola! 

We also provide vegetable boxes, dry goods and dairy essentials...

Get in touch if you fancy something different this weekend! 

We deliver Tuesdays and Fridays. Order by 5pm Sunday for Tuesday delivery and Wednesday 5pm for Friday delivery...

Our order form is HERE

Sending all our best wishes to all at this difficult time. Hang in there, we are here to help!

Anna and Fi x