Living on Croxted Rd (railtrack side)

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Living on Croxted Rd (railtrack side)


We are considering moving to Croxted Road (the side with the railtrack at the bottom of the garden) and, whilst the house and garden are both lovely, my husband concerned that we may end up being driven crazy being sandwiched between a busy, noisy road and a busy, noisy train track. 

If anyone has experience of living on the road we would love to hear from you - good or bad!

Thank you in advance

Re: Living on Croxted Rd (railtrack side)

 We do 'acoustic' slimline double glazing that will fit in to existing sash's . it really works.

Re: Living on Croxted Rd (railtrack side)

We've lived on the railway side for 15 years. We don't find the trains are a problem (not at least since they took away the Eurostar from that line), but the road is noisy. Best to sleep in a room at the back of the house if possible, although we managed quite comfortably for the first ten years sleeping at the front.

Double glazing makes a difference although it doesn't sound proof the house. Our DG was in sash windows (as this is more or less a conservation area run by the Dulwich Estate, you are supposed to preserve the characteristics of the original windows) but more modern window designs may provide better sound insulation for all I know, and lots of people have ignored the Dulwich Estate requirements, apparently without repercussions. 

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