The Judith Kerr Primary School Playground

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The Judith Kerr Primary School Playground

Today sees the start of the public consultation by Thomas Pollard Edwards architects on behalf of the Almshouse Charity.  This planned development on land owned by The Dulwich Estate that is leased to Judith Kerr Primary School, Half Moon Lane.  The planned development is for 21 residental flats for elderly people placed in what is currently the playground for the children attending the school. 

When the Dulwich Estate negioated the lease with Southwark Council and Department for Education, the retained the right to submit planning applications on the Green Space area which the school and the governors must not object to. 

The consultation is at Wednesday 8th June 4pm-7.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall, Half Moon Lane.

Ths Save the Playground campaign feel very strongly that this developemt would be a hugely negative impact on the school and the wider community.  The removal of the playground space would leave the children with less than 20% of the outside space stipulated in the Department of Education regulations.  It would be unsafe and unfair.

please suport our campaig @jkpsplayground #saveourplayground and facebook/savethejudithkerrgreenspaceplayground


Chris Glenn
Southwark Green Party opposes Dulwich Estate profit-mongers

I have posted below an extract from a recent local Green Party newsletter exposing how this charity is in reality a profit-hungry landlord seeking to maximise its revenue regardless of the impact on the local community. What seems particularly worrying about this latest action is that it could mean the closure of the school if it is not compliant with DfE regulations on playground space.

'In January much-loved local toy shop, Just Williams, was forced to close after its landlord, Dulwich Estate, raised rents by 70%.It is clear that Dulwich Estate do not need to raise rents – the only reason for doing so is, in their own words, to “maximise revenues for the beneficiaries”.  In their last annual report Dulwich Estate boasted record profits of “£6.78 million (up from £6.26 million for 2013/2014)”. 85% of its profits go to the three large local private schools whilst the four non-fee paying schools it also benefits receive only 15% of the charity’s income.

By their actions Dulwich Estate – along with Network Rail who have forced local businesses in the railway arches to close – are benefitting their own narrow interests rather than the local community as a whole. But the fantastic protests of children and families against the closure of Just Williams show that we will not take these changes lying down.

Southwark Green Party demands that Dulwich Estate comply with its charitable aims to provide a “tangible benefit to the community at large” and reverse its draconian rent increases, which are hitting not only local small businesses but also tenants in the privately rented properties it owns.'

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