Investments in Property and Such Projects

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Investments in Property and Such Projects

I help individuals sell their property, especially in conditions where the individual has become stuck financially with the unusual market conditions that currently exist. These can vary from mortgage repossession, lack of money to maintain, subsistence, noisy neighbours, regulation for a multi-let, , being let down by estate agents whilst renting or selling, or a tired landlord looking to move out of the property market.

Due to the changes in economic/ taxation conditions facing the UK, I operate dynamically in order to secure the best ways in selling a property, stop repossession, empower individuals/ landlords to get out of the responsibility of debt, and alleviating debt crisis.

Whether you want to change locations, emigrate, buy another property, are tired of your landlord, are dealing with bereavement or ill health, I offer solutions to your circumstances through expert debt management & consolidation advice. I am looking to give people the freedom to move on with their lives, with the minimum of fuss.

With consultation experience of bankruptcy, IVA’s and insolvencies of companies, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of financial difficulty and I offer useful advice on repossession, mortgage arrears, below market value properties & negative equity properties.

My business aims to provide hope for families/ individuals dealing with debt crisis or have financial issues, are living in a property they longer want. I can help solve issues eg, mortgage arrears, wanting to sell, alleviate responsibility and give you back peace of mind give freedom to move on with their lives. Without the worry of renting, or trying to sell.

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If any of you are interested,  i will put financial charges upon my families property( thus you are totally safe ) , be open and totally transparent upon holding which more than i can say for larger corporates or well promoted/ wellmarketed investment offering.

Have a great start to the new year. . !

Sam Tevfik

0044 7980 263577