Instagram competition – Win a handyman for a day!

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Instagram competition – Win a handyman for a day!

We have been working on our marketing and social media and have put together an Instagram Competition with a chance to win a handyman for the day.

Follow and like us for a chance to win and keep updated with pics of our work, design inspiration and local life!

Winner will be announced Friday 30th Jan.

Follow us at - @LMCDULWICH




Horrendous experience with Luke Cohen at LMC Building Services

Horrendous experience with Luke Cohen at LMC Building Services @lmcdulwich. The team repeatedly did not arrive onsite as agreed. They plaster boarded over the existing laths as opposed to removing the laths (straps) resulting in an uneven finish. They did not strip wallpaper from the walls as discussed and outlined on the quote, it was plastered over, in the hall it was even bonded over first, resulting in an uneven finish. The bonded areas in the bedroom and the hallway still haven't dried out 6 days after plastering. They're still wet to the touch. The skirting in the bedroom was replaced prior to re-plastering and was glued, screwed in and replaced incorrectly, they used filler and even cut off sections so what once fitted perfectly now does not. They left a large quantity of rubble outside the property for over three weeks which we now have had to make arrangements to remove ourselves, blocking the access to our wheelie bins and recycling which prevented normal rubbish collection. They broke our Dyson hoover which was used without our consent to hoover up plaster, and took no action to rectify this. Our upstairs bedroom and hallway carpets were destroyed as the team did not take care to cover them and in the case of the hall stained them with an unnamed solution. Despite numerous calls, texts and whatsapp messages Luke Cohen is still yet to respond to me regarding our issues. The lack of communication throughout the project has been more than challenging. We agreed a deadline of when work needed to be completed yet Luke didn't meet this deadline despite confirming he would do so via text twice. Work was to be completed prior to the Easter Bank Holiday, this failed to happen. They also failed to return our keys as requested or present a solution to the issue of the quality of workmanship that we raised with them. Do yourselves a favour and stay away.

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