Hypnotherapy - is it for you?

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Hypnotherapy - is it for you?

I think most people contact someone regarding 'therapy' when they simply can't bear 'it' anymore; whether that's a way they feel, think or act or a specific fear/phobia. I remember the first time I felt like this, I was late 30's and had just broken up with a boyfriend who had changed his mind on the starting a family. He told me one day he'd like to party a few more years. I was so angry - I didn't have the luxury of time for a start! So I wanted help from someone but I didn't know what therapy to access. 

Hypnotherapy is 50:50 talking and hypnosis. That means you have to do a lot of work (in fact all the work) and you can expect some tough/searching questions that are designed to sort things out. The hypnosis part of the session is often where you get to get comfy, zone out and let seeds of change embed themselves! However, sometimes you are asked to respond and do work in the hypnosis section too. 

The other thing, is it's a forward-looking therapy. I've had many situations in which I haven't asked someone about any particular event from the past because I don't need to re-traumatise them. Instead, I work with tools and techniques to set things straight and re-frame how they feel about it. One thing I found hard when I sought help, was the endless raking over my past and digging up things I simply didn't want to re-visit. Of course, sometimes you have to but often you don't. 

It's also a solution-driven therapy. That means we don't stay in negative spirals of thought, instead we look at re-training your thinking, feeling and acting. For example 'it's always like this' someone might say to me and I'll say 'and when is it not?' sometimes you just need a leftfield question thrown at you to open more useful doors. 

There's my Hypnotherapy for Dummies Introduction - I hope you find it interesting! 
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