How do local traders feel about big Brockwell events?

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How do local traders feel about big Brockwell events?

Hello all.  A group of local residents has got together to start a campaign to push Lambeth into taking a more proportionate and sustainable approach to events in Brockwell Park.  On of our big concerns is that a lot of local shop owners say events have a negative effect on their business. 

We aren't trying to stop all events, or prevent music in the Park, but we want Lambeth to recognise the scale of what is proposed for 2018 is too large.  Field Day and Lovebox are both under consideration for the same summer, with 40,000 gig-goers a day for three days each.  They will happen at the height of the summer and span the summer half term.  Unlike smaller events, such as the circus and fun fair, these events drive locals out of the area and off the streets, while those visiting the festivals have speant too much money on tickets to buy from local shops. 

To find out more about the local campaign visit the website

...and to let Lambeth know if you want them to do things differently sign this pledge...

If you are a local trader that is particularly concerned and willing to speak up, then please get in touch.  We are looking to feature locals with a point of view on the website and would love to include a local trader.