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Herne Hill Station Noticeboard

Hi guys

I tried seraching the forum but couldn't get an answer so I'm posting a new topic.

Its about the magnetic noticeboard under Herne Hill Station. Now its great that its there, but I'm wondering what the rules of it are. I ask because twice now I've put up a simple poster to advertise photography lessons in the local area and twice its been removed. Is that sort of thing not allowed? And if it isn't, what is?

Also, the magnets aren't very strong, but I'm fairly sure nothing can be done about that.

Re: Herne Hill Station Noticeboard

Hi, thanks for the comments about the noticeboard.

We have put up a small item on the noticeboard about the guidleines or rules of how to use it, top right hand side of the right hand side noticeboard. We will make it bigger.

It has suffered recently from the high winds blowing off many of the notices that have been put up. If your poster was up there then I suspect it was the wind that took it down. 

We are getting stronger magnets, should be here any day now. We want to avopid having sticky tape as that just messes up the board, again if you see something stuck up with sticky tape then please remove it (as carefully as possible).

The board will work is everyone locally polices it themselves. If an event has passed then take down the poster, large A3 posters are too big and should come down too. If an item has been posted in the wrong area then feel free to move it. If it ois from a general purpose wide area outfit or chain and isn't pertinent specifically to Herne Hill then take it down. If someone has decided to move things around as they had too much to drink then please carefully restore some order. 

If you see something you like, Tweet a picture of it. If you follow up on something as a result of seeing it on the board then please do tell them where you found out about it.

If you know a great joke, then post that up there as well, give everyone a smile on the way to work.

Re: Herne Hill Station Noticeboard

Ah, yes, the wind. Didn't think of that.

Thanks for the update. :)

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