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Herne Hill Mansions

Hi, does anyone live in/know someone that lives in Herne Hill Mansions. I'm in the process of buying a flat there but have growing concerns regarding the management company. Our solicitors have unturned some not so good facts about the current owner having major disputes over charges, repairs etc. The management company are also withholding information re. possible future building works that our solicitors are rightfully requesting from them.

I'd really appreciate any info that anyone may have on the management company (or indeed just on what living in Herne Hill mansions is like!) that can help me make my mind up about the sale?

Thank you! :)

Re: Herne Hill Mansions

Liddi, The problem you describe is very common. My wife and I almost bought in Dorchester Court in Herne Hill but pulled out because of the ongoing costs of repairs which we would have to shoulder. These costs are decided by the freeholder and leaseholders have no choice but to pay up or be sued.

A friend of mine bought a place out in Beckenham and has been hit with a bill of £12k to renew the lift in her block. They didn't even change the doors or the car, just the motor, so she can't even visualise the improvement! She asked around and found several reputable lift installers who would do the work up to 50% cheaper but the freeholder just said that the cheapest job is not always the best.

It sounds to me from what you have written that the current owner has been stung by this and is trying to move out before the issue is resolved.

So, what do you do?

Firstly, Herne Hill Mansions is a lovely block in a lovely part of town. Definitely not worth walking away on the information you have.

The first thing to do is to ensure that any debts that the current owner has incurred will be discharged from the sale proceeds by his solicitor and not under any circumstances pass on to you.

The second thing is to get confirmation as to the upcoming works to the blocks as a whole which you might be expected to contribute to. Weigh up the cost of those versus what you are paying for the place and consider altering your offer accordingly.

Thirdly, get confirmation from the management company that the state the property currently is in will not need remedial work. I have heard of people changing their windows, paying good money for it, and then the management company comes along and says it is not in keeping with the block and charges them to put something akin to the old ones back in.

I can see why the seller might be a bit cagey if he is expecting to get away scott-free but the management company should be more open. Why not go and knock on a random door down there and see how well the management company are thought of and what charges people think will become due in the next few years.

Those mansion blocks were made for living in. Heating, noise insulation etc will all be great. You are close to some great pubs, can be in Victoria or Blackfriars in 10 minutes on the train, have one of the best parks in London on your doorstep.

If you play your cards right you will have a wonderful home but just make sure you are going in with your eyes wide open and always err on the side of caution when it comes to potential costs in the future.

Re: Herne Hill Mansions

Mick, thank you so much for your insightful and helpful response. I have passed your suggestions for us to ask to our solicitor :)

You've also put our mind at ease describing HH Mansions in the light that you have.

See you in one of the pubs!

Thanks, Liddy :)

Re: Herne Hill Mansions

Liddy, I live in HHM and have done for a few years. If you have any specific questions please PM.




Re: Herne Hill Mansions


Liddy, I live in HHM and have done for a few years. If you have any specific questions please PM.


[/quote]Hi am thinking of moving to herne hill mansions could you tell me if the flats are big and nice and what the neighbours are like please because i have two children.Also is there parking? Thanks

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