Herne Hill fayre

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Herne Hill fayre

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the short time I spent at the fayre. Really made me smile to see so many locals and businesses out. I really love observing the changes to Railton Road (one of my favourite ever roads).

Took a few snaps which I've tried to put in this message, but can't. Here's a few links instead.




Re: Herne Hill fayre

If anyone has pictures of the Christmas Fayre and wishes to share them then please send them in to info@hernehillforum.org.uk and we will put them up on the web site.


Re: Herne Hill fayre

The Police display was great. Flashing blue lights, the occasional siren, riot shield, "Do Not Cross" tape. I had a brief word with Sgt Dodd who seems like a nice chap.

There was a policeman there with a pointy beard and longish hair, looked like how Jeremy Beadle used to when he'd dress before he'd whip out the microphone, pull off the fake beard to reveal a real beard!

It is good to see a character like that.

Re: Herne Hill fayre

Is this going to be an ongoing thing?  Really enjoyed it too and great for local businesses. 

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