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If it's independents - use them!

It’s great to see so many Herne Hill fans and residents want to see independent businesses move back into the Herne Hill arches, and I agree. If we get lucky and this is the case, do ensure you use them regularly or they won’t survive – like any business. There was a huge hoo-ha about Tesco moving into the unit between Milkwood Road and Herne Hill but a load of local people use it, and it sort of makes me think that if chains do move in, enough will use them anyway. Most of us (I think) like the thought and vision of the quaint Herne Hill with all is its lovely unique shops - so if you’re so strong in your opinions and we get independents back, use them loads, and if it is chains, don’t.  Realistically, a balance would be acceptable – there are obviously specific chains most wouldn’t desire or need, which have already been mentioned.

Station Square Shops

I'd like to see a high quality Japanese restaurant (something similar to Yamamomo on Lordship Lane, or Tsunami in Clapham).  Equally, it would be great to see a standout breakfast/brunch venue (something similar to Burnt Toast in Brixton Market) and an outpost of Brindisa for top notch tapas.

We also need a fishmongers that is on par with Dugard as far as quality of produce (think Moxon's on Lordship Lane), and a gelato shop (Oddano's would be a welcome addition).


Totally agree! I love the

Totally agree! I love the idea of a high quality Japanese restaurant, gelato shop and perhaps a good fishmongar. Sounds like the new restaurant next to the stations is going to do good quality breakfasts and lunches.

Gentrification will truly be

Gentrification will truly be complete once we start asking for a breakfast cereal cafe (think Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane). We need a variation of places that brings something to ALL the community, so although I love some of the ideas from Banflex they really are only for the higher echelon of society.  Some of us can't afford £3.75 for a hand made birthday card or £13 for brunch and a coffee. It would be great if one shop could house a couple of different businesses - cheap hair salon or beauty salon, organic/handmade soaps,  handmade gifts/cards from a local artist, somewhere you can get a healthy lunch for a fiver. I think its going to be really tricky to come up with an shop that can afford the huge basic overheads

I know lots of peopel won't

I know lots of peopel won't want to hear this, but my teen daughters don't go to any of the cafes in Herne Hill as none of them feel right for them and their friends.  They get the whole Brixton village vibe but honestly, they want a Starbucks or a Nero.  Because they have sofas, they have drinks that teenagers like (iced fruit smoothie type of thing) and well, it's where they feel comfortable.  Important to put that view out there.  Overall there is nowhere for young people (under 18) to hang out.  So if not a Starbucks, then definitely an icecream parlour/milkshake place.

Oh and I agree with the

Oh and I agree with the gentrification point - I'm a sucker for a great coffee at a silly price.  But I'm not excited by Herne Hill becoming horribly exclusive.  Probably need to consider how I'm part of the problem of gentrification.  Sigh.

Thank you Rae for not

Thank you Rae for not shooting me down in flames. I understand not everyone is like me and others can afford that great coffee.

I also have to agree its not just teenagers that feel they have no place and Im not surprised they don't want to go anywhere in HH as its mostly bugaboo's and yummy mummies in the current cafe's. I to see no issue with a Nero/Pret/Costa - these are the ones that can afford the rents, they could employ locals.

Better to have a chain shop than an empty unit ?????

What about a community cafe?

Brixton £ cafe is great - pay what you feel.  Something similar could be good - lots of good community cafes around London which always do yummy food at reasonable prices.  Also very interested in a place to buy food in bulk with no packaging waste and have competitive pricing.   Agree it would be great to have a cafe with a mug of tea for £1 instead of £2.20 minimum!  

I'm not sure if I'm right in saying this but the units within the station appear to be separate and I imagine we could see chains move in there?  The tender closed on 28th March for 4 units within the station so it would be good to hear soon who is moving in there. 

Businesses in Station Square

A good health food shop. We don't have any in Herne Hill. No Costs coffee, Starbucks or any similar chains. Definitely no macdonalds. Small local businesses please

Just Williams

can we get Just Williams back?

Toy shop

There ia a lovely toy shop just round the corner in Brixton Road called Kinderlala. It's painted bright yellow so you can't miss it!

First refusal to previous

First refusal to previous tenants, and a fishmonger please.

First refusal to previous tenants and NO CHAINS!

Sorry but I couldn't stomach more chain stores coming to Herne Hill. I've been to many areas of London where chains dominate and they suck the life (and money) right out of communities. Someone said earlier to bring in chains and hire locals. It generally doesn't work that way. Chains hire at the lowest possible wage and you can't afford living in HH today on that. I love our bespoke shops and restaurants and long may it continue. A health food shop, launderette and a tandoori restaurant would be top of my list. The rest is all to play for. Please not another hairdressers or estate agent!

I actually don't think that

I actually don't think that with 2 supermarkets, a great quality butcher and the Sunday market we need another butcher in the area. In general I don't feel that we need a butcher, fishmonger or greengrocer at Station Square at all, as these types of shops can do just fine on Milkwood Rd and people will seek them out. I can't imagine Dugard would do any better than they already do in a better location, they are so good they bring people to where they are. They don't necessarily need the prime location. Same with a launderette or dry cleaners.

I'd like to see more attractive, atmospheric and unique restaurants and bars like Sushi or tapas (I miss Number 22) and Indian (I still miss Mela too but Pizza Express is so much busier, who says chains wouldn't do well in Herne Hill? Mela was about as good as Indian gets in London, but it was always empty). More shops for kids would probably do well because there are so many families with children in the area. Perhaps one of those cafes where you can go and make ceramics and have craft workshops. I also like the gelato idea.

As an artist, of course I'd like to see an art supply store and I'm happy to see people suggesting it. Realistically, I'm not sure how successful a small shop for art materials can be long term. In practice 9 out of 10 times I order my art materials online as I can get them at better prices. I do sometimes shop at the one in Dulwich Village but prices can be as high as double to what you can find online and for an artist this makes a significant difference.

That said, there are lots of places where one can get greeting cards around here. Pretty much everywhere, actually. Brockwell Arts sells mine and they have a good display of cards by local artists and also sell artwork by local artists. The bookshop sells cards and so do the childrens bookshop and little gift shop on Half Moon. Ah and Oxfam too. 

And no more hairdressers and estate agents, please! If anything, I'd like to see some of them move their businesses elsewhere to make space for some variety.. I know the Herne Hill area isn't as large, but if you take Lordship Lane as an example, it has a fantastic mix of interesting shops, bars and restaurants, including the health food type of shops people have mentioned. 

Hidden arts shop

hi I just want to share a secret art shop with you where I buy some essentials, although I do buy most things online as you said. This is on Brixton Road, heart of Brixton opposite the Poundland, the part between San Marino/The Beehive and the Police, on the 1st floor of the Pharmacy (!) next to Halifax bank. Just enter the pharmacy and walk the stairs up. 

Station Square wants

please: a fishmonger, a good dry cleaner, a green grocer (as someone else commented, some competition for Seasoms would be great. CliftonGreens (maida vale) and Newington Greens (newingon greens) are both really fabulous, independent family run, buzzy community green grocers rammed full of a great selection- if we could get them to open in Herne Hill that would be fabulous. Also a mini Waitrose would be wonderful. Good sushi (NOT Wasabi) and Indian (Holy Cow would be great), maybe a Banana Tree. Do NOT want: real estate agents, hairdresser, wine shop, betting shops, Oliver bonas, holland and Barret.

I also agree with 'tigergolds

I also agree with 'tigergolds' 'gentrification point' .....

station square shops

For those of you that have commented on the lack of a fishmongers, there is already a great one - Oceano, 87 Norwood Road.  Really friendly, helpful, and serve a great selection of fish, not fussy or trendy, just a great fishmonger.  Admittedly not right in the centre, but good and worth the little bit more of a walk.  

I agree its a balance between having places that are lovely, but also cater for everyone's pocket, and yes I agree there is a gap for places for teenagers to go to.

fishmonger on Norwood road

He is an excellent fishmonger and we have enjoyed high quality fish since we started shopping our Friday fish from him. He owns a small restaurant in West Norwood called Girasol, but we haven't been there yet. 

agree with KateA; another

agree with KateA; another vote for the fishmonger on norwood rd, well worth the few minutes walk.  Support this small independent shop. Moxons is slightly pretentious and they charged me £1 to use a credit card without even telling me, though I may have missed a sign - that was my first and last visit.

Mae Deli now open

Anyone been yet ? Would love to hear bout it

It's really good but a bit

It's really good but a bit pricey. 

off licence on milkwood rd - hoarding is up

Just passed and its been boarded up - I didn't even know it was going


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