Have you seen Romeo the cat?

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Have you seen Romeo the cat?


This 1 year old black male cat has been visiting our house on Fawnbrake Avenue and eating us out of house and home for the past few months. He’s incredibly friendly and sociable so must have a lot of human contact. He’s extremely thin and has not been nuetered. We took him to the vets and he seems to be in good health other than being underweight. 

Is this your your cat? Have you also been feeding him?  He’s recently stopped visiting us regularly after some foxes moved into the garden next door and we are very worried about him.

if you see him please let us know. We would be happy to collect him and give him a home    if you see him please 

I think there is a post on

I think there is a post on Nextdoor about this little one. He seems quite the community cat! 

Romeo the Cat

Hi there,

I think I have Romeo the cat, he turned up today in our Mews seeming a little lost.

We fed him and now he's sleeping, very affectionate!

Would you like to come and pick him up? If you email me directly we can arrange.


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