'Hare Of The Cat'

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'Hare Of The Cat'

Pet Sitting/Cat Grooming

When you are a kitty cat

Every day is a holiday

And the Xmas too

Hey, kitty kitty

What can I do for You???

You can call Nina!!!

She knows how to obey

Doesn't matter if I'm pedigree or stray

In need of a feed, treat or play

My home and I'll be sound when you're not around!

To keep me looking divine

She can give me a bath just fine

Nail trim, monthly brush, lion cut or the full groom

Will have me stay in a swell bloom!

We can go to her, or she can come to ours

Nina has flexible weekends, afternoons and hours

Cliverton Pet Insurance for a rainy day

And Cat Grooming Certificate on the display!

Nina O'Hare

Camberwell Grove SE5

07740 860187