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About the History Hear project

This project collects and shares recollections of life in Herne Hill, such as celebrations and floods, whether from long ago or more recently. We are keen to find and interview people who have lived or worked here over a long period. And you do not have to have been born before 1945 to take part!

'History Hear: oral memories of Herne Hill' is led by a small team of volunteers and is still in its infancy. We hope it will continue for many years. The material will eventually be deposited with Lambeth and Southwark Archives.

The project is being taken forward by the Herne Hill Forum in partnership with the Herne Hill Society and other local groups. Interviews are conducted by volunteers, some of whom have received training through the British Library. Recordings are edited so that the content can be shared through websites, and other media such as CDs or DVDs.

As well as hearing from people who might be interviewed, we would be grateful for assistance from anyone with interviewing or audio editing skills. 

We are also keen to make copies of photos of Herne Hill taken after 1930 that we can use to prompt memories.

Please email historyhear@hernehillforum.org.uk to get involved.

About SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a free website that makes it easy to upload and share audiofiles.

The 'Herne Hill History Hear' project uses SoundCloud to present extracts from the interviews we have made and edited so far. We hope to add hundreds more!

As of July 2016 you can listen to more than 20 interviews on subjects such as Brockwell Lido, the campaign against the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Herne Hill's cinemas and the Prince of Wales's visit to Milkwood Estate.

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