Help us map the Herne Hill boundary! Where do you live??

Do you live in Herne Hill? Or do you think you do but not sure? Or people assume you do, but you feel you don't?!

To dwell or not to dwell, that is the question.

In order to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the area, we have to have a tightly defined boundary, so we need YOUR help to define where Herne Hill starts and ends.

We've made a start at trying to map this out, but we need your help, it's not a simple process - do we follow ward boundaries, natural boundaries, road boundaries?? Check out our video here to see the challenge!

Please help us to pin this down by posting your own comments about where you feel Herne Hill begins and ends;  and where you feel the map boundary should fall. There is a dedicated topic in the Forum for this or email your ideas to