A greater focus on Online Fraud and Cyber Crime.

FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online) is the Met Police’s response to online fraud and cyber-crime. On the 9th June 2015, Detective Chief Inspector Gary Miles, addressed the security industry experts at the SDW 2015 conference in London.

Reported crimes increased 70% last year, to 24,000 incidents. FALCON recorded 10,355 victims of fraud – double the number of sexual offences. And it uncovered nearly £86m of London fraud and cybercrime losses in the last three months alone.

Miles quoted:
“Fraud and cybercrime ran rampant in London over the last decade because the Metropolitan Police Service was “not very good” at detecting it, according to the head of the Met Police’s fraud team.”

Miles apologised for the Metropolitan Police Service's poor performance. "We've focused on other areas. So it's become more attractive for criminals to commit this type of crime," he said.

Miles explained that FALCON has now made it a priority to catch 75% of Fraud committed in the capital by 2015 as the team gets fully up to speed. Police are braced for a huge increase in fraud and cybercrime cases, after learning cyber criminals were using London as a base to commit fraud across Europe.

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